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Pit Bulls – Not What Everyone Thinks

When you bring the pit bull breed into a conversation, everyone has an opinion on the matter. Emotions run high as discussions get heated over whether or not they are good dogs. During these discussions, no one ever listens to the other side and it’s difficult to change the opposing view of the other person. Regardless what arguments are made and nothing and no one is going to change that. This causes a lot of grief for the poor breed, especially when the only press they seem to get is bad press. These animals suffer regularly at the hands of their owners, and then are shoved under the bus when people decide to find someone to blame for their actions. This is not justice.

Pit Bull Information

There are many types of pit bulls, with several breeds being related to them. The most common type in the United States is the American Pit Bull Terrier. This dog began its life as most of them do, as a mixed breed. They are a blend of different types of stock dogs brought to the United States from Ireland and England. For years they were used to herd cattle and horses, to assist their owners whilst hunting, and be a general companion for the family and children. They were considered the “Old Family Dog” by those of Irish decent, because they were extremely loyal, affectionate, and good with children. The American Pit Bull Terrier also gained the nickname “nanny dog” due to their easy relationships with and devotion to the children in the family.

Training Your Pit Bull

The training issue is one that is often the brunt of the problem with pit bulls. They are often trained to be fighting dogs by people who find this either amusing or a good money maker. Their strength, agility, and willingness to do anything for the parents that they love makes them more likely to fall into this horrible pattern. These same qualities are what make the pit bull such a desirable addition to any loving family. These dogs are an asset to the people who love them, because they have so much love to give in return.

When training a pit bull, you will want to muster a lot of patience, because the breed is known for being just a little hard headed. It’s safe to safe that he needs consistent direction and repetition. Sounds a lot like most small children, doesn’t it? This is the key to successfully teaching your furry family member the ins and outs of life in your home. They are extremely intelligent and easy to train when the right techniques are used.

Bad Press

The press and the general public have begun to eagerly await the news of yet another big, evil pit bull who has again done something horrible. There are many other violent acts being committed by dogs of all breeds, but these rarely make the news because they are not as controversial and won’t get the really big headlines and viewer response. Another thing left out of the reports would be the owner information for these dogs who have done whatever they are being accused of. One story a few years ago focused on a pit bull puppy just a few months old who “chewed the toes off a baby’s foot”. To clarify, this is not quite the whole story. First of all, this puppy did not eat this child’s toes. It simply chewed on them, when the child was left in a carrier on the floor alone. We all know puppies chew. Puppies chew anything they can get into their mouths. If you leave your hand near where the puppy is playing long enough, he will get your fingers into his mouth and chew on them, no matter what breed he is. Perhaps your furry companion has gnawed a pair of your favorite shoes or a mobile phone. You, as the grown up in the situation, are responsible for taking your fingers out of his mouth and disciplining him properly. The question that ought to have been asked in this situation is: “Where were this child’s parents and why did they leave their infant alone with a puppy prone to teething?” This should have been a story about bad and neglectful parenting, not about a four inch tall, less than ten pound, evil, man-eating dog.

If you are considering owning this breed, please take the time to read all the unbiased literature available about it. Please do not let the attention hungry press make it up for you. There are many loving Pit Bulls in shelters who are just dying to come home with you and give you unconditional love.

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