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Andy, You’re a Star!

So, naturally, your Boston Terrier, Andy, is the cutest, funniest, and most talented dog in the entire world – scratch that! The whole universe! You are so convinced that this is the undeniable truth, in fact, that you have decided to make Andy into the next big canine star – Lassie, Rin Tin Tin, and Benji, were nothing compared to your Andy. As easy and this seems like it should be, and as fun as it theoretically would be to have a famous pet, you’d be surprised how much work it is to get you and your pooch to stardom – and, once you are there, you may not like the view from the top.

If you want your Andy to be famous, he must not only be well trained, but he also must be trainable. This does not mean smart, and this does not only mean obedient, but it means that he must have the capacity for learning and retaining new commands.
On a film set, in a stage show, or during a photo shoot, he will need to learn commands, and he will need to be able to take them from other people besides you. Though you will inevitably be his handler before he gets big, he may have a director, an assistant handler, or a human actor that he has to listen to.

Personable, and Other-animal-able for That Matter
Andy being able to take commands from others leads us to our next point – he must be personable, pretty unconditionally. He needs to be able to get along with kids, adults, groups, and other animals too. In other words, he needs to play well with others, even and especially if they are strangers. One bite, one nip can put him out of show business permanently.

Physical Perfection (Or Quirkiness)
Just like a human actor or model, you dog should be fairly physically attractive – weird to say, right? – to make it in the biz. This is not just being cute, or fluffy, this mean being a prime specimen of their breed in peak physical shape… or it should be quirky looking in some way. Eyes too big, tongue too long, too many wrinkles, and so on, as long as the quirk is cute.

Craigslist, Youtube, and the Want Ads
If you plan on making your dog a star, you will do a lot of work – just as much, if not more than if you planned on making yourself or your child a star. You will need to social media your dog all over the Internet. He will need a Facebook, a Twitter, a flickr, and a myspace as well as a youtube and a vimeo. He may as well be LinkedIn while you’re at it.

In addition, you should have work to put on said websites, meaning that you need to peruse craigslist, the want ads, and also, pet contests through pet food brands, pet stores, and so forth to find work for you pet. Many photographers do something called “TFP,” which means time for prints. Find photographers who will work this way (rather than you having to pay them) to get high quality images of Andy on a budget.
If your dog Andy is ever going to get big time famous, he will eventually pick up an agent and a handler, a prep team, and so on. This is where the view from the top comes in. The sad truth about an animal like Lassie or Rin Tin Tin is that they belong to showbiz, and to America. If Andy were to “get famous,” and “make it big,” he may not even really be your pet anymore.

All that being said, there is a happy medium that can be found between super stardom and complete mediocrity – not that there is anything wrong with that. If your dog is well behaved enough to have you as a handler, he can be a local celebrity of sorts. He can be the dog that the community theatre relies on for their canine roles. He can be the pooch that students put in their films during film school. The most important thing is that your dog will always be a star to you, and honestly, that is probably enough for him.

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