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When Buying Dog Food, Consider This

Quite often you can find food on the market that is designed for the individual breeds and specifications of individual animals. When buying dog food it is important to think about the needs of your dog and which type of food is bed for his size and breed. Good quality and cheap dog food available at GJW Titmuss for example can provide your four-legged friend with the food that he deserves at the price that you can afford.

Autarky Dog Food (also available at GJW Titmuss) for example offers a whole range of dog food that is specified to the age of your pet. Whereas an older dog may need a few extra vitamins to maintain that spring in his step, no young pup may need that encouragement and instead the food focuses on the growth and natural balance of the diet that any young dog needs. With six different flavours and a very special Top ‘N’ Tasty Gravy mix, there’s sure to be something for your pet as every offering is packed with natural ingredients that offers only the best quality food for your dog.

As with Autarky Dog Food, BETA dog food offers a whole variety of foods based around the age of your pet. From specialised lamb & rice mixes to complete dry food the exquisite range and variation is enough to satisfy any hungry hound. Not only are there foods varying on age ranges but BETA also supply specialised foods such as the BETA Adult Sensitive Salmon & Rice product that is designed for dogs with sensitive digestions. It’s important to remember that dogs can have allergens just as humans so it is important to monitor how your dog takes to new food. If your dog has trouble, the sensitive range may just be what he’s been waiting for.

Due to the fact that many dogs enjoy dry food over the canned variety, Skinners Complete Dog Food specialises in a whole range of dried quality dog food. Having been around in the dog food market since the early 1970’s, Skinners Field & Trial range encompasses a whole range of flavours and variety for the working dogs amongst us. Combining top quality ingredients with all the oils and minerals that are essential for sustained stamina, the range contains all a dog needs to maintain his hard working ethic day in and day out.

No matter which dog food you end up choosing, it is important to get the correct proportion of food in each serving. Whether your dog is a tiny Chihuahua or mountainous Mastiff, the size of their portion depends entirely on their breed. All the foods mentioned are packed with healthy loving ingredients along with minerals and vitamins that are essential for any dog, both young and old but it is still important to get the portions just right. A dog such as a Chihuahua may only need ¾ of a cup of food per portion whereas a Mastiff may need around 3-4 cups. To help tackle obesity, portioned, quality food along with regular exercise is a great way to keep your dog in tip top shape.

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