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Music To Your Dog’s Ears

Have you ever considered what music your dog Milo would like to listen to? Some dog owners give it little thought while others ponder this and think of it as one of the great mysteries of life. Maybe you want something to keep Milo company while you are at work all day. In an attempt to sooth him because you don’t love that he is home all day, waiting for you, pining away or ripping up your shoes, it seems logical to think that music could do this for you. Maybe you think he will like to listen to music as he is eating. Or you may just love music and want Milo to love what you love. All of these scenarios are reasonable ones and were enough to set researchers off on a mission to determine what your Milo would love to hear.

Before you set your iPod shuffle to play the best classical music has to offer, or assume that because you love Bruce Springsteen, so will Milo, you may want to know a little more about this.

Good News for Music Lovers Who Want to Expose Their Dogs to Music
The good news is that loving music is not unique to human beings. Long thought to be a wholly human experience, it turns out that dogs, cats and monkeys love music. Not only does each group love music, it seems each has very distinct tastes. Fortunately for you, what Milo likes isn’t the same as what monkeys want to hear. Evidently tamarins prefer music with vocals three octaves higher than what we find pleasing to the ear. Adding insult to injury, they like music meant for heart beats twice as fast as our own. The best music for a monkey? Something shrill with a beat so fast, the most avid dance club goer would have trouble keeping up.

It will be of little surprise to learn that after extensive testing, cats were difficult to please and place into any one category. In general, most cats appear to love music that appeals to their fast heart rates. However, given how much cats are known for their sleeping, cats appear to tire quickly of the heart pounding clubbing music pretty quickly.

Dogs: Human’s Best Friend Indeed, Well It Depends
For those of you who have large dogs – Bull Mastiffs, Great Danes, German Shepherds, Labrador Retreivers, etc. consider yourselves pretty fortunate. It means that Milo should tend toward music with a pitch that appeals to most human males. So if you like Mozart, Bach, Dvorak or Beethoven, there is a good chance Milo will as well. However, if you like Bruce Springsteen, chances are that Milo will only like his pre-1980s songs. The screaming that became “the Boss’s” signature from Born in the USA until he finally matured into performing folk ballads will send Milo in an agitated frenzy! Oh that’s why he barks and howls!

And what of littler breeds such as the Chihuahua, Min Pin, Pug and other dogs weighing less than 15 pounds? There isn’t any really fun way to break this to you. You may as well stop listening to music altogether and keep things as quiet and calm in your house as possible. Seems that smaller breeds prefer no music to any style of music. They appeared to react better to the sounds of silence, and we’re not talking about Simon and Garfunkel. Regardless what music researchers played for these hyper pooches, none seemed to be music to their ears. Sorry!

If Milo reacts well to your musical tastes and you would consider buying him music designed especially for his doggy ears, if you google music for dogs, for about $1.99 per song, you can purchase music composed with Milo in mind, not music created for humans that you hope Milo will adapt to. Who knows? You may actually love it as well.

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